Vivatubs benefits

Uniqueness manufacturing

Top quality wooden tubs Vivatubs provide expertise and Slovenian carpentry with 60-year tradition. In drawing up today is still in use an old cooperage technique based on extreme precision and strength of the joints, so we delivered your bathtub to the selected location already fully assembled and ready for use.

Each wooden tub Vivatubs is tested for water tightness, which is beside quality larch key condition for the application of reliability and extremely long life - 20 years and more carefree indulgence.

Vivatubs brings another important advantage. Most of the bath on the market prior to use requires two to three times the filling tubs until the timber does not drink the water, and thus leaves the tub is not more. Precisely in order to maintain the humidity of wood must be room for the further use and always fully filled with water. Because of the design Vivatubs wooden tubs are not needed to be completely filled, because there is no risk for desiccation or leakage.

The only concern and proper maintenance for long-term use Vivatubs wooden tubs are that there is always at least 5 cm of water.