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The Original Slovenian Hot Tub Company Handmade Since 1962
Vivatubs is a full-service company, we do everything from sawing logs to finishing wooden products.

Elegant, natural, relaxing, refreshing, remedial, therapeutic.
Wooden bath

Contractors / Construction Companies

Top quality wooden tubs Vivatubs provide expertise and Slovenian carpentry with 100-year tradition. In drawing up today is still in use an old cooperage technique based on extreme precision and strength of the joints, so we delivered your bathtub to the selected location already fully assembled and ready for use.

We are always at your service regarding the construction of wooden bathtubs in a variety of styles

Vivatubs bath for your home

Relaxation in a wooden bath at the end of a long, hard day is truly a moment of bliss. You can enjoy the feeling of entering a hot spring every day in your own home.

Many customers have purchased our wooden bathtubs and wood-fired hot tubs for installation for apartments in the mountains and at the sea, farm tourism, boarding houses, accommodation, health resorts and hotels, campsites, glamping. Our bathtubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be customized upon request. The wooden bath, with its fragrance and ability to warm the body and the soul, has long been loved by the people.

Without jets - free of bacteria.

Jets and tap are the right environment for the development of harmful bacteria, since we can not access to many of the spots and cleaned them. For the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene we need aggressive chemical agents, which often irritate the skin and eyes and also have their price.

Since wood is a completely natural material and also naturally treated, we do not want it to interfere with any electrical appliances - for heating, filtering or creating bubbles.

Simple natural, simple beautiful. Therefore, we recommend a wooden tub with warm wood, releasing the sounds of the crackling fire and does not create unnecessary noise whit electrical appliances.

Advantages of wooden bathtubs in comparison with plastic Jacuzzis!

We are not convincing, the arguments are. A true and verified:

  • FLEXIBILITY IN SPACE: Wooden tub is completely independent and can be place anywhere in your garden.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Wooden tub is more favorable than the plastic Jacuzzis.
  • ECONOMIC OPERATION: It has much lower operating costs than the Jacuzzi and does not mean higher electricity bill.
  • REKAXING SILENCE: It offers a pleasant quiet relaxation compared to the disturbing sounds of the engines circulating pumps.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE: Ecological way of heating water with firewood.

The Production of Wooden Baths


Oval wooden baths

Our oval wooden ofuro tubs are available in length from 110 to 200 cm, width 80 cm and a height of 60 cm. We are produced exclusively according to your order. Price is formed on the size of the tank and the desired accessories.

You can contact us in the way you prefer.